Data interoperability is one of the most pressing challenges for the K-12 education community today. The Schools Interoperability Framework Association® (SIFA) is a non-profit, member initiative comprised of software vendors, school districts, regional organizations, and state departments of education with a common goal of providing a platform independent, vendor neutral specification to enable K-12 software applications to share data quickly, dynamically, and securely. The SIF® Specification makes it possible for applications within a school or district to share data without additional programming and without requiring each vendor to learn and support the intricacies of other vendors’ applications.  

The Municipal Accounting Systems, Inc. Wen-GAGE® Student Information System is SIF Certified. This means your district can seamlessly share data between the Wen-GAGE Student Information System and other SIF Certified applications, such as your library automation, food service, and instructional management systems. This will allow you to spend more time analyzing your data and less time with redundant data entry and data correction tasks.

Benefits of a SIF Certified Application:

Eliminate redundant data entry
Eliminate manual data import/export routines
Reduce data correction/validation tasks
Increase the reliability of information exchange
Increase decision-making effectiveness with improved data analysis
Improve accuracy of information with timely receipt of mission critical data

To see the Municipal Accounting Systems, Inc. Wen-GAGE SIF Agent Success Story featured on the SIFA website, please click here.

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